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Rehabilitation possibilities in Latvia are based in resort city JĊĞrmala. City lies near the Baltic Sea and is famous for its white sand beach near the large pine forest, healthy air, curative mud and mineral water.

Besides wide range of services offered here such as physical therapy , physiotherapy, ergotherapy, hydrotherapy and other significant part in rehabilitation takes natural curative factors - a pine forest, conifer flavor harmony, beauty of sandy beaches and natural Kemeru sludge healing power. Especially the natural mineral waters and curative muds are one of the main methods of treatment - hydrogen sulfide baths and sapropelic peat and mud applications.

Such diseases as cardiovascular, central and peripheral nervous system, musculoskeletal, digestive, genitourinary system, gynecological the metabolism-related and skin disorders are treated here in resort rehabilitation centers.

We offer you information about rehabilitation possibilities in Latvia accessible for wheelchair users and other people with reduced mobility as well as assistance in booking.